When did you do your working holiday in New Zealand?

I did it from November 2017 till April 2018 (a short yet fulfilling 6 months!)

Why did you decide to embark on the NZ Working Holiday?

It has always been on my bucket list since I knew about its existence. I finally found a good chance to do this after working for a few years, was financially independent yet lost in the hustle of daily life and was looking for a change in environment. This served as a good break amidst that hustle and there I set off~~~

Did you do it alone or with a friend/ friends?

I did it alone, but I made many friends very quickly as I met with people from Singapore during my time there and stayed in a wonderful home-stay that brought together many wonderful people from various countries!

Was it scary doing it alone?

The thought may seem scary with the uncertainty, but after you take that first step, you’ll realise how strong you can be even when you are alone.

Will I do it again if I have the chance to?

DEFINITELY!!! Sadly, the visa is only available once in a lifetime to an individual and you have to be either 30 years old and below at the time of application. So my only advice to you is DO IT WHILE YOU’RE STILL ELIGIBLE TO DO SO!