Mount Bromo, is an active volcano and part of the Tengger mountain range, in East Java, Indonesia. At 2,329 meters, it is not the highest peak of the mountain range, but definitely the best known among its brothers! A must-visit when you’re here in Surabaya~

The hike:

Right after catching the sunrise from the peak of Mount Bromo, we took the 4WD jeep down to the base. As the sun rose, temperature also rose to a comfortable range from 18 to 22 degrees. This was a huge contrast to when we were still at the peak of the viewing point stargazing. We felt the heat crawling up on us so we removed the extra layers of clothes from the freezing morning to our base layer.

We then started our walk across a long stretch of volcanic ash to get to where Mount Bromo was. If you’re feeling lazy or tired, you can even hire a horse there that would ride you across the plateau.

We joined the long line to get to the crater viewing point. People were just climbing really slowly which caused the line, otherwise it’s actually really quick to get up! Maybe about 5 minutes? 😀

After reaching the peak, I looked back just to see what was behind me and this view totally caught me by surprise!! Wow oh WOW!

View from behind the crater

Finally I got to see Mount Bromo and its smoking crater. It actually erupted just 2 months before we went, so we were really lucky!

Before heading back to our accommodation, well, we had to take some pictures with the cute 4WD that served us well up to the peak and across the endless plain of volcanic ash!

The mandatory jeep shot with such a picturesque backdrop

Things to bring:

1. Layer your clothes really well so you’re ready for 5 degrees and 20 degrees in a span of about 4 hours!!
2. Wear a face mask and sunglasses to save yourself from inhaling or getting irritated eyes from the volcanic ash in the air.
3. Hiking boots is not essential for this fairly flat land. However, do avoid wearing light-coloured shoes unless you’re prepared to coat your shoes with a layer of volcanic ash!

How did we get around Surabaya:

We signed up for a private tour package with one of the local tour groups in Surabaya and I cannot ask for a better private tour guide and itinerary. If you are interested in the private tour I signed up for, just drop me a message for more information.

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