Located not too far from Mount Bromo in the Lombang district, Madakaripura Waterfall is about a three hours’ drive from the capital of East Java, Surabaya. This spectacular waterfall is well hidden at the end of a deep valley of the Tengger mountain range and is definitely worth the visit!

The hike:

It was our last day here in Surabaya before our flight in the evening. We started the drive towards the starting point at Madakaripura parking lot at about 12pm before reaching slightly before lunch. However, we got to earn that lunch by doing some work first, so off we go immediately towards the waterfall!!

Showers of waterfalls along the trail

The trail towards the Madakaripura waterfall was as close to nature as can be. We stepped into little rock pools, with continuous showers of water splattering on our faces, and also having the option to have a little swim in the clear waters! Finally, after about 20 minutes, we saw this majestic view of the waterfall. We can’t help but heave out a satisfied sigh as we just stood there for a few minutes absorbing the view that welcomed us. Totally worth the ride~~~~

Look at this majestic view!!!!

How to prepare for this wet hike?

  1. Dress in clothes and shoes that you are prepared to get wet in
  2. Bring a poncho or a raincoat if you prefer to remain dry
  3. A waterproof pouch for your mobile phone because you will get really wet!
  4. A great camera to capture the awesome views, and probably a tripod if you do not have an awesome guide like us!

How did we get around Surabaya:

We signed up for a private tour package with one of the local tour groups in Surabaya and I cannot ask for a better private tour guide and itinerary. You can drop me a message here if you are interested to know the private tour I signed up for!

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